UBS2 & Majority Text??

Date: Mon Feb 22 1999 - 17:47:52 EST

I have enjoyed this discussion about UBS3 & 4 & NA27. Maybe you can tell me
what I have. It is a 1968 UBS2 (Sounds like a sports car, doesn't it) What
improvements were made in the UBS3 model?


What about the Hodges, Zane C. & Arthur L. Farstad - The Greek New Testament
According to the Majority Text, 2nd addition, Nelson. (What is the code name?
- the N2 or something?) I am not asking about the textual differences. I am
asking this:
1) Is the font clear and readable?
2) Is it a handy size?
3) Does it note textual differences with the NA27?
4) Is it only available in hardcover?
5) Is $24.95 a good price?


William (Little Greek) Boyd
Royal Palm Beach, Florida

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