EI MH in Rev 9:4, 21:27

From: CEP7@aol.com
Date: Tue Feb 23 1999 - 01:04:15 EST

In Rev 9:4 and 21:27 EI MH seems to have a distinct use from its exceptive
use. Instead of naming an exception to the prohibition, it designates an
alternative group to it. In other words, the demonic locusts in Rev 9:4 are
told not to hurt the vegetation, but to hurt those without the seal of God.
Those without the seal of God are not an exception from the vegetation but a
different class. The main clause names that which is not hurt while the EI MH
clause names those that are hurt. We have the same phenomena in Rev 21:27. The
main clause names those who will not enter, while the EI MH clause names a
different group that will enter. It is not an exception to the group that does
not enter.

Can anyone suggest examples of this use from the LXX or non-biblical Greek?


Charles Powell

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