From: Blahoslav Cicel (
Date: Tue Feb 23 1999 - 04:39:09 EST

Hello list,

I've been just surprised by the fact, that the baptism in the NT is
connected with three different prepositions. Could anybody explain me
the nuance of the difference?

Mt 28:19 ... BAPTIZONTES ... EIS TO ONOMA ... (baptize into the name)
Ac 2:38 ... BAPTISQHTW ... EPI TW ONOMATI ... (take the baptism based
upon the name)
Ac 10:48 ...EN TW ONOMATI ... BAPTISQHNAI. (baptize in the name)

Usually it is used with EIS. Are the other forms to be taken as
completely synonymous, or there is some connotation in each of the
forms? BAGD treats only the main one.

Thanks, Blaho

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