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Date: Tue Feb 23 1999 - 14:34:39 EST

> I've been just surprised by the fact, that the baptism in the NT is
> connected with three different prepositions. Could anybody explain me
> the nuance of the difference?
> Mt 28:19 ... BAPTIZONTES ... EIS TO ONOMA ... (baptize into the name)
> Ac 2:38 ... BAPTISQHTW ... EPI TW ONOMATI ... (take the baptism based
> upon the name)
> Ac 10:48 ...EN TW ONOMATI ... BAPTISQHNAI. (baptize in the name)
> Usually it is used with EIS. Are the other forms to be taken as
> completely synonymous, or there is some connotation in each of the
> forms? BAGD treats only the main one.


I would not get too concerned about the difference between EIS and EV.
EPI is a little bit further outside the norm. Commenting on Acts 2:38
C.K. Barrett (Acts, ICC) makes the comment that Luke didn't seem to care
what preposition he used in this formula.

It is worth noting that the scribes seemed to have a problem with EPI in
Acts 2:38 since several manuscripts read EN, namely B D 945 1739 1891.

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