Re: Metaphors in Greek: Aramaic tools

From: Jack Kilmon (
Date: Thu Feb 25 1999 - 16:45:57 EST

George Blaisdell wrote:

> >From: Jack Kilmon who wrote [in part]
> >An Aramaic
> >retroversion of specific words or small phrases MAY be more
> >original to Jesus (when different meanings surface) than
> >the Greek.
> >
> >In the very least, it is a tool that should not be ignored in
> >Greek New Testament studies.
> Thanks again, Jack ~
> So is there a reference book in which I can look up, say, the word SOMA
> in Greek which will then give the Aramaic word[s] corresponding to it,
> and then look up its [their] definition[s]/meaning[s]?

Not that I am aware. It seems that most of the significant papers
on Aramaic always seem to come from the German scholars
and I have to dust off my rusty German to read them. There are
some books on the Aramaic Idiom by Errico and Lamsa. The
"Semitic Background of the New Testament by Fitzmyer is
an excellent collection whiich includes his "Wandering
Aramaean." That is available at Amazon for $28.00 and,
in my opinion, well worth the price.


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