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Date: Sat Feb 27 1999 - 08:41:52 EST

On 02/24/99, ""Steven Cox" <scox@Mail.Sparkice.COM.CN>" wrote:
> I would be interested in any references where Luther discusses [his] Greek
> text relating to his translation work.
> Also if anyone knows of a CD-Rom with the works of Luther, either in German
> or English
> Best regards
> Steven

I just got this from Ted Olsen, assistant editor of Christian History Mag.

"When Fortress Press's new CD-ROM, "Martin Luther: Exploring his life and
times," came to the CH offices, I was ready to simply shelve it with our
"multimedia" history discs we have; most of which simply throw together
public-domain documents, easily accessible over the Internet, into a

Not this CD. The emphasis here is on spending time getting to know Martin
Luther and his world, not just finding out what year he became a doctor of
theology (1512, in case you were wondering). The backbone of the CD is a
narrative of Luther's life by Helmar Junghans, a Lutheran pastor and
scholar at the University of Leipzig, Germany. The text is linked to
of images, documents, timelines, maps, musical compositions, and other
"extras" that turn a search for a quick fact into a delightful hour-long

Other options on the CD include listening to an actor read from Luther's
sermons and writings, and special sections on travel, the printing press,
purgatory, and other themes.

My favorite area of the CD, though, is "Martin Luther: The Film." It's an
animated film of Luther's life--historically accurate, but very, very
The narration is sincere, but whoever animated it was obviously a big
Python fan. I can honestly say that I learned about Luther and had mighty
laugh or two while doing so.

The project was sponsored by IBM Deutschland in 1996 to commemorate the
anniversary of Luther's death. Last year Fortress Press released it in
English. But even though that sounds like it should look like three-year
technology, this is years ahead of any similar product on the market that
seen. The creators deserve praise for a truly innovative and entertaining
history product. It's the first informational CD I've used that's truly as
enjoyable as a good book--maybe more so.

Fortress Press is selling it for $39, and you can order it by calling
1-800-328-4648. It works on both Macintoshes and PCs, and the system
requirements are astoundingly low for such a genuinely multimedia

Thought you may also be interested in this CD even though it is not exactly
what you were asking for.

Jay Adkins

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