Re: Hebrew anyone?

From: One of the McKays (
Date: Sat Feb 27 1999 - 20:16:28 EST

>I know, I know, This is b-greek and not b-hebrew, but i have a difficult
>time finding tapes or computer programs reading the "Hebrew Old
>Testament"In Hebrew. Is something like this available out there? If
>so,plase e-mail me with the details.P.S, I want to THANK ALL for past
information which help me greatly :-)

I thought Tony's question might also be somebody else's, so I am posting
details from an answer to the same question on the b-hebrew list

Audio Scriptures
P.O. Box 460634
Excondid, CA 92046-0634
tel.: (760) 745-8105
fax.: (760) 745-8150

Similar tapes are also available from:

Chadish Media
tel.: (718) 856-3882
453 East 9th Street, Suite 9L
Brooklyn, NY 11218

David McKay

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