Fonts, email and ICQ

From: One of the McKays (
Date: Sat Feb 27 1999 - 20:26:12 EST

I am wondering if anyone else is corresponding privately using Greek fonts
rather than transliteration?

I have been corresponding in email and ICQ using the BibleWorks fonts. It
enhances communication concerning Greek [at least aesthetically] but for
Hebrew, it is so much easier to read than the curious transliteration scheme
of b-hebrew, which I still can't absorb.

I can't type quickly in Greek and I am even slower in Hebrew: I find it
works best if I prepare my stuff beforehand. The biggest problem is
remembering the keys for the breathing marks, accents and subscripts. [I
feel like one of those TV cooks: here's something we prepared before the

I know this has been brought up before [I plead age and insanity!] but is
there a way of having a common font for Mac and IBM?

Maybe it is a case of simultaneous deja vu and amnesia: I seem to remember
forgetting this before!

David McKay

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