Re: Free Greek/Hebrew Stuff (not a spam!)

From: One of the McKays (
Date: Sat Feb 27 1999 - 20:44:45 EST

>From Gary Shogren:
" ... Free offer, allowed by the Powers That Be in B-GREEK: we run Stylus
Publications, which prints Greek and Hebrew study tools. We give out free
samples to teachers of the languages - and I interpret that VERY broadly, so
don't hold back :)

We publish updated versions of the old Chapman Greek NT Insert, plus his
laminated card with Greek verbs, etc; two cards with Hebrew verbs (including
the Davis one, which we've reprinted); plus a new Insert for Hebrew by Fred
Putnam, PhD Dropsie in biblical Hebrew. "

The Greek NT insert [but I ain't putting it in *-my* GNT!] is terrific!
I missed this post in October last year. An Aussie net friend on the list
sent me a copy. It is well worth getting. I reckon most people would find
something useful in it. An excellent summary, giving sensible advice.

Thanks, Gary!
David McKay

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