RE: Give God glory!

From: George Blaisdell (
Date: Sun Mar 07 1999 - 02:15:29 EST

>{James} writes:

>What I've been wondering, though, is whether DOUS DOXAN TWi QEWi in
>4:20 also has this sense of "telling the truth". In this case, I would
>understand passage as saying that Abraham was empowered in faith as he
>told the truth about what God had done for him.
>Does anyone else have any thoughts as to this possible translation in
>Rom 4:20?

Well, one of the meanings of glorify is to make something VERY APPARENT.
Thus in this 'oath context', telling the truth would make God very
apparent, and anything other than the truth would not!

Just a thought...


George Blaisdell
Roslyn, WA

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