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From: Williams, Wes (
Date: Sun Mar 07 1999 - 12:03:46 EST

"John M. Moe" wrote:

At John 9:24 the Net Translation ( has
the following note
"Give glory to God" (an idiomatic formula used in placing someone under
oath to tell the truth). "--
My experience has been that this translation and its notes are usually
well and carefully done. However, my search of the LXX for DONXON TWi
QEWi, renders only Ps. Ps. 67:35 Ps. 68:35 M, Ps 68:34 English. A
similar search of the UBS 4th ed. yields: Luke 17:18, John 9:24, Acts
12:23, Rom 4:20, Rev 11:13. All are about giving glory to God, but none
(unless it be granted at John 9:24) are in an oath context.

My question: Are others aware of this as an "idiomatic formula used in
placing someone under oath to tell the truth)"? Is it used that way in
extra biblical texts of which I am unaware?


The precision of the wording they intend for "idiomatic formula" is unclear.
Joshua 7:19 expresses the thought but not the precise wording when it says:

(give glory this day to the Lord God of Israel)

The context, where Joshua is about to ask Achan what bad thing he did, is
one where it could be argued that an "oath" of truthfulness was involved.

Still, we really get the thought of "oath" from this context and not the
words themselves or its use, do we not? I'm out of time right now but if you
find other support, please share it.

Wes Williams

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