Re: Interpretation of Mark 2:2??

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Mon Mar 08 1999 - 06:14:43 EST

At 4:08 AM +0002 3/8/99, Moon-Ryul Jung wrote:
>Dear Carl,
>> >2. Is "ta pros te^n thuran" the object of "xo^rein", so that the
>> >meaning would be "there was no room even for those on the door"?
>> You'll probably find some divergence of opinion on this. Some would
>> probably say that TA PROS THN QURAN is a neuter plural subject of CWREIN,
>> but personally I would prefer to read CWREIN in an impersonal sense and TA
>> PROS THN QURAN as an adverbial accusative: "And many had convened so that
>> there was no room--not even in the vicinity of the door."
>"Adverbial accusatives" are new to me. Thanks. But then
>does "TA pros thn quran" literally mean "THOSE PLACES near the door"?

Any expression put into an accusative, and particularly expressions
substantivized by enclosure within the neuter article (sg. or pl.) can be
used with adverbial force, e.g.: TO PAN, TO KAQ' hOLOU, TO KATA MEROS, TA
KAQ' hHMAS. Yes, that would do to translate TA PROS THN QURAN.

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