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From: Edgar Krentz (
Date: Fri Mar 05 1999 - 12:47:12 EST

>I second the nomination of Ed Krentz as a moderator if Ed is willing to
>do it.
>Ray Pickett

Since a couple of people have mentioned my name, I would be willing to
serve as a member of a team moderating a Paul discussion group. I am not
ready to say I would be the main person; I would want to see the protocol
for the list before I would agree to that.

My own view is that the scope of the list should be quite broadly drawn, to
include questions of interpretation, isagogics, theology, etc. Scholar
should be able to post papers in statu nascendi for discussion and
revision. It should not be aimed at neophytes in either Greek or Pauline
studies. Participants should all have more than an elementary knowledge of
the Greek language, and [IMHO] be able and willing to read submissions in
German and French--or at least not be put off by them.

I think that graphai's descreiption of net preotocol is excellent.

And let me publicly thank Geffrey Gibson for taking leadership in bringing
this list to birth. It could be a significant veheicle to support Pauline

Edgar Krentz
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