Re: graphai Paul List

From: Theodore H Mann (
Date: Fri Mar 05 1999 - 15:51:22 EST

Greetings All.

I would like to take serious exception to Edgar's proposal (if I
understand it correctly), on the basis that, if implemented, the list
would be far too exclusive-- like the Graphai list is at present (IMO).
I understand the desire on the part of highly-trained scholars to have an
opportunity to share at a high level with those of equal attainment; but
surely with a little creative thinking the Paul list can be organized to
accomodate those of lesser skills as well. At the very least, some
arrangement should be made for novices to monitor the postings and
attempt to ask intelligent questions, with some hope of receiving
respectful answers, even if they are not allowed to contribute
submissions themselves. Perhaps the various contributors might take turns
handling a "Question/Answer" column, in order to field comments and
questions regarding their postings. Or perhaps a close connection can be
maintained between the Paul list and B-Greek, so that appropriate
comments elicited by the Paul list can be submitted to that forum. It
seems to me that a Paul list would be a wonderful contribution to
biblical research, but I'm a little concerned that I and those like me
may not have an opportunity to participate in some meaningful way, should
we wish to do so. (Many apologies if I have misunderstood the
implications of Edgar's comments.)

Theodore "Ted" Mann

On Fri, 5 Mar 1999 11:47:12 -0600 Edgar Krentz <> writes:
>>I second the nomination of Ed Krentz as a moderator if Ed is willing
>>do it.
>>Ray Pickett
>Since a couple of people have mentioned my name, I would be willing
>serve as a member of a team moderating a Paul discussion group. I am
>ready to say I would be the main person; I would want to see the
>for the list before I would agree to that.
>My own view is that the scope of the list should be quite broadly
>drawn, to
>include questions of interpretation, isagogics, theology, etc.
>should be able to post papers in statu nascendi for discussion and
>revision. It should not be aimed at neophytes in either Greek or
>studies. Participants should all have more than an elementary
>knowledge of
>the Greek language, and [IMHO] be able and willing to read submissions
>German and French--or at least not be put off by them.
>I think that graphai's descreiption of net preotocol is excellent.
>And let me publicly thank Geffrey Gibson for taking leadership in
>this list to birth. It could be a significant veheicle to support
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