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From: Mark Goodacre (
Date: Mon Mar 08 1999 - 07:06:47 EST

One or two thoughts on the proposed Paul list:

1. The question of who hosts the group (either SBL or MetaLab) might depend
partly on the question of web archives. Currently Graphai uses
(formerly FindMail). I don't know whether that is the plan for the Paul list,
but I would have thought that if this is the plan it has an advantage --
egroups archives several of the NT lists: Synoptic-L, Crosstalk, Acts-L (though
also archived at Baylor), Graphai, TC-List (also archived at Reference Com) and
Gospel of Thomas. This means that if one is searching for an NT item, one can
search across several groups related to the NT.

On the other hand, one of the difficulties with egroups is that if one uses it
purely to archive and not also to adminstrate the group (as Crosstalk -- run by
HarperCollins, Synoptic-L -- run by, Graphai -- run by SBL etc.),
one cannot manipulate the archive. This may be different in the MetaLab set

2. I would want to add from my own experience that I think that strong
moderation of the list would be absolutely essential. Given wider access to
email and lots of interest in these issues, an unmoderated list will descend
quickly into inanity and you will simply not keep scholars on board. I think
that the most successful groups are those that have maintained a strict policy,
with protocol rigorously enforced at all times.

Good luck!

Dr Mark Goodacre
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