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>Thanks to everyone who gave me some advice on NT editions. I was able to
>procure a copy of W/H on the bookfinder. I also have updated my Bibleworks
>to 4.0 and when it gets here I believe it has the Tischendorf edition ... so
>I am covered! Now all I need is more bookshelves for all this stuff I am
>buying :) Thanks Again

I congratulate you on getting the Westcott and Hort text.

But I want to issue a caveat. The most significant part of the first
edition of that text was the companion volumesubtitled Introcuction,
Appendix. Here the two editors lay out the need for a crsitical t ext, give
notes on their critical lprinciples, and provide notes on selected
readings. That is the most valuable part of their text.

In similar fashion, both Edward Hobbs and I said we ]wsih we had the 8th ed
of Tischendorf, more probably for the critical apparatus than for the text
itself, valuable as that is.

I own the text volume of von Soden's large critical editeion of the GNT,
but do not have the other [1?] volumes. As a result I am not able to
interpret his reasoning in establishing his text as well as a wish.

These critical principles and the textual data cited in the apparatus of
each edition are what is key. That is true also of the Vogels, Merk,
Souter, British and Foreign Bible Society of , 2nd ed of 1958, Weymouth's
Resultant Greek Text of 1892, and the like.

So, good as they are, the availability of different Greek texts on the
internet, without the supporting apparatuses [what is the correct English
plural of this anyway? The Latin would be apparatus, with a long u in the

More gratuitus information.

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