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Hendrickson published the first volume of W&H, Introduction to the New
Testament in the Original Greek : With Notes on Selected Readings. I got it
for about $8.00

At 02:37 PM 3/8/99 -0600, you wrote:
>>Thanks to everyone who gave me some advice on NT editions. I was able to
>>procure a copy of W/H on the bookfinder. I also have updated my Bibleworks
>>to 4.0 and when it gets here I believe it has the Tischendorf edition ... so
>>I am covered! Now all I need is more bookshelves for all this stuff I am
>>buying :) Thanks Again
>I congratulate you on getting the Westcott and Hort text.
>But I want to issue a caveat. The most significant part of the first
>edition of that text was the companion volumesubtitled Introcuction,
>Appendix. Here the two editors lay out the need for a crsitical t ext, give
>notes on their critical lprinciples, and provide notes on selected
>readings. That is the most valuable part of their text.
>In similar fashion, both Edward Hobbs and I said we ]wsih we had the 8th ed
>of Tischendorf, more probably for the critical apparatus than for the text
>itself, valuable as that is.
>I own the text volume of von Soden's large critical editeion of the GNT,
>but do not have the other [1?] volumes. As a result I am not able to
>interpret his reasoning in establishing his text as well as a wish.
>These critical principles and the textual data cited in the apparatus of
>each edition are what is key. That is true also of the Vogels, Merk,
>Souter, British and Foreign Bible Society of , 2nd ed of 1958, Weymouth's
>Resultant Greek Text of 1892, and the like.
>So, good as they are, the availability of different Greek texts on the
>internet, without the supporting apparatuses [what is the correct English
>plural of this anyway? The Latin would be apparatus, with a long u in the
>More gratuitus information.
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