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From: Micheal Palmer (
Date: Thu Mar 11 1999 - 10:28:26 EST

The Greek Language and Linguistics Gateway has a new and permanent home. To
see the new location, go to (Notice the
hyphen between "greek" and "language".)

I hope the new location and the new content will prove useful to all of the
members of b-greek.

The old site is still operational, but it does not have the latest updates.
It will be available until the end of the month, then I will remove it and
place a different site (one unrelated to Greek) in its place. If you use
the Gateway regularly, you should visit the new location soon and update
the bookmark in your web browser.

The gateway now receives roughly 200 visits per day. I thank all of you who
have made it such a success.

Micheal W. Palmer
Philosophy and Religion
Foreign Languages
North Carolina State University

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