b-greek digest: March 12, 1999

From: David C. Hindley (DHindley@compuserve.com)
Date: Sun Mar 14 1999 - 13:14:07 EST

Message text written by "Biblical Greek" by Clayton Stirling Bartholomew:

>>I have a trivia question which is causing me nontrival confusion. The
cursives seemed to be numbered according to several systems. There is a
Lambeth system that is just enough like the system used in UBSGNT and NA
to be confusing.

Is there anyway to convert these numbers, a chart or whatever?

One example is MS 1175 which appears in both systems and has the same
date but I don't think it is the same MS.<<


I am not aware of the Lambeth system you mention. I think the name Lambeth
has something to do with the theological wranglings going on in the Church
of England (maybe others?), but I could be mistaken. There appears to be
hot differences of opinion between conservatives and liberals, and there
may have been references to the apparatus of early TC editions of the NT to
make some point in the debates. When discussion is rancorous, references
may also be offered that really do not support the position asserted (i.e.,
they are bogus and there to make the position appear better supported than
it is). Could you be more specific about the context you found it in?

My impression was that the system used by N-A/UBS was designed so as NOT to
use too many numbers from older systems, but these usually are confined to
the uncials as the use of miniscules and papyri by TCs has been a rather
late phenomenon. Could what you saw actually be referencing an early modern
system used by textual critics like Tischendorf or von Soden, which may
very well conflict with N-A/UBS numbering systems?

If so, Kurt & Barbara Aland offer some suggestions for obtaining sources
containing cross references, in _The Text of the New Testament_ (paperback
edition 1995, ISBN 0-8028-4098-1), which you may already have at hand

Dave Hindley

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