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>What I am wondering about for some time is:
>a) What is the feeling for a native Greek to read the GNT? Does it sound
>b) Can native Greeks contribute in a special way to the understanding of the

The person to whom you should pose these questions is:

Isidoros Kioleoglou

President, The Ionic Centre, Athens, Hellas

Language Facility
Greek; ancient, koine, modern.
Basic facility with Latin,
lexical facility with several NE languages.
Learning Biblical Hebrew.

Research Interests
The "archaeo-logy" of religion.
The origins of culture and ritual as regards language.
Origins, in particular, as related to the Hellenic language and religious
Comparative linguistic analysis.

Autobiographical Sketch
I was born on an island of the Aegean, Chios. I studied physics and
philosophy and taught, for fifteen years, in the United States. I also
studied, and researched, Buddhism, and practiced Zen.
In Greece I contributed to the founding of an educational institution of
which I presently serve as president, The Ionic Centre -- IWNIKO KENTRO
Epistimonikwn kai Pnevmatikwn Spoudwn -- a collegium on Chios (summer) and
in Athens. The Centre's principal Program of Hellenic Studies offers a wide
variety of courses, ranging from archaeology and mythology to art history
and political theory. The School of Hellenic Language offers archaic,
biblical and modern Greek classes. The Program for Theoretical Research,
currently under development, will be in scope and focus intercultural and
interdisciplinary. Courses are offered in Greek and English, and from 1980,
to 1995, the Centre programs have been attended by over 8.000 advance level
students and professionals. Thanks to its emphasis on quality, and the
distinguished scholars who have taught in it (Joseph Needham, R. D. Laing,
Walter Burkert, Gregory Vlastos, Robert Browning, David Furley, John Gould,
Charles Kahn, Myles Burnyeat, Garth Fowden, Kostas Axelos, Mario Vitti,
Cornelius Castoriades, among them). The Ionic Centre is developing into an
important institution in the area. Alas, at no small personal, intellectual
cost; for the administrative-academic responsibilities have all been at the
expense of research and writing.




Jim West, ThD
Petros Baptist Church
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