Re: Native Greek?

Date: Tue Mar 16 1999 - 12:42:45 EST



Jime West advises us, and Wieland in particular, to consult
Isidoros Kioleoglou on modern Greek issues relating to the GNT.

This is probably VERY bad advice. Isidoros is one of the very few
persons we have had to expel from B-Greek. Aside from his being something
of a crackpot, and an abysmal scholar, he writes vituperative, even
malicious messages to the List and especially to anyone who disgrees with

PLEASE spare us on the List, at least, from having to go through the
Isidoros nightmare again!

Edward Hobbs
CoChair, B-Greek

-------------Jime West wrote:---->>>>>>>>

The person to whom you should pose these questions is:

Isidoros Kioleoglou

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