Re: Native Greek?

From: Jim West (jwest@Highland.Net)
Date: Tue Mar 16 1999 - 12:52:18 EST

At 12:42 PM 3/16/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Jime West advises us, and Wieland in particular, to consult
>Isidoros Kioleoglou on modern Greek issues relating to the GNT.

Actually- I was responding to Wieland's request for a modern Greek speaker.
Isidoros is the only one known to me.

>This is probably VERY bad advice. Isidoros is one of the very few
>persons we have had to expel from B-Greek. Aside from his being something
>of a crackpot, and an abysmal scholar, he writes vituperative, even
>malicious messages to the List and especially to anyone who disgrees with

This was completely unknown to me. In converesations I have had with him he
has been pleasant enough. Still, I don't want to give any more bad advice.

>PLEASE spare us on the List, at least, from having to go through the
>Isidoros nightmare again!


>Edward Hobbs
>CoChair, B-Greek




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