Fw: A use for interlinears (was Re: Interlinear Bibles)

From: Perry L. Stepp (plstepp@flash.net)
Date: Tue Mar 16 1999 - 15:41:28 EST

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From: Theodore H Mann <thmann@juno.com>
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Date: 16 March 1999 2:50 PM
Subject: Re: A use for interlinears (was Re: Interlinear Bibles)

>Greetings All:
>Perhaps I should know better, and PLEASE correct me if I what I'm doing
>represents poor judgment, but I sometimes use an interlinear in a way
>that seems at least somewhat useful, especially when I'm pressed for
>time. I cover the word-for-word translation with a 3 X 5 card while I
>attempt to parse the verse and develop a translation of my own. Then I
>check what I have done against the interlinear, attempt to put my
>translation "in other words," and follow that by comparing it to other
>translations. I'm not suggesting that this as a substitute for looking
>terms up in a good lexicon, but it's quick and easy, and not without some
>profit. An advantage, it seems to me, is that it provides a
>word-for-word translation that isn't even available in YLT. That's of
>some importance, I think, to those of us who are still struggling to
>discover the (more or less) exact meaning of terms, as used in specific
>passages, including some of the aspectual implications. Am I making a
>big mistake?
>Theodore "Ted" Mann
>On Tue, 16 Mar 1999 09:21:05 -0500 "Perry L. Stepp" <plstepp@flash.net>
>>Generally, I agree with the prevailing opinion of the "leading
>>scholars" of
>>the list regarding interlinears--that they become crutches that keep
>>from learning to "walk." But different people will use them for
>>purposes. If someone is using the interlinear as a shortcut to
>>Greek", then they are indeed making a grave mistake.
>>That being said, I want to suggest that there *may be* a couple of
>>legitimate uses for interlinear Bibles. (Of course, they should not
>>be used
>>until one has already worked through a given text *without* the
>>and I assume below that one has already done so).
>>The thing I find most beneficial about having an interlinear is that
>>allows me to skim large chunks of text at high speed. This is very
>>if one is, for example, looking for discourse markers or commonplace
>>rhetorical expressions.
>>The trade-off (and it *is* a trade-off) allows those of us with too
>>plates in the air to save valuable time where we can.
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