A use for interlinears (was Re: Interlinear Bibles)

From: Perry L. Stepp (plstepp@flash.net)
Date: Tue Mar 16 1999 - 09:21:05 EST

Generally, I agree with the prevailing opinion of the "leading scholars" of
the list regarding interlinears--that they become crutches that keep people
from learning to "walk." But different people will use them for different
purposes. If someone is using the interlinear as a shortcut to "learning
Greek", then they are indeed making a grave mistake.

That being said, I want to suggest that there *may be* a couple of
legitimate uses for interlinear Bibles. (Of course, they should not be used
until one has already worked through a given text *without* the interlinear,
and I assume below that one has already done so).

The thing I find most beneficial about having an interlinear is that it
allows me to skim large chunks of text at high speed. This is very helpful
if one is, for example, looking for discourse markers or commonplace
rhetorical expressions.

The trade-off (and it *is* a trade-off) allows those of us with too many
plates in the air to save valuable time where we can.


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