Chiasmus in Antiquity

From: Kevin L. Barney (
Date: Sat Mar 13 1999 - 11:26:27 EST

George and others have been doing some posting on chiasmus in the GNT. I
just thought I would pass along something I received in the mail

The classic work _Chiasmus in Antiquity: Structures, Analyses, Exegesis_,
which was first published in Germany in 1981 and has been out of print for
a decade, has now been republished in the United States in a paperback

The book includes chapters on chiasmus in Ugaritic, the New Testament,
Sumero-Akkadian, Hebrew Biblical Narrative, Biblical Hebrew Poetry, Aramaic
contracts and letters, the Book of Mormon [John Welch, the editor, is a
Mormon], and ancient Greek and Latin authors. Contributors include Welch,
Robert F. Smith, Yehuda Radday, Wilfred G.E. Watson, Bezalel Porten, with
a preface by David Noel Freedman. Important features are an extensive,
updated bibliography and an index of chiastic passages.

The price for this softbound edition is $19.95 plus shipping and handling
(I never bought the German edition because I was a poor student and it was
much more expensive. There have, however, been times when I have regretted
that decision, and I am sending for the paperback today).

If anyone is interested, ordering information is available by calling

(Just so it's clear, I have no interest in pushing this book; I am simply
making the information available for those who may have been trying to find
the difficult to locate first edition.)

Kevin L. Barney
Hoffman Estates, Illinois

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