Re: Did Paul Speak Greek with a Turkish Accent?

From: Jonathan Ryder (
Date: Fri Mar 19 1999 - 04:30:25 EST

"Stephen C. Carlson" wrote:

> At 08:28 AM 3/18/99 -0600, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
> >Although I don't
> >really approve of reading the GNT in a Modern Greek pronunciation, I do
> >suspect that it's a good deal closer to the way NT Koine sounded in the
> >first century than any of our reconstructed "Erasmian" schemes.
> One of the most interesting things about the B-Greek meeting at last
> fall's SBL in Orlando was Randall Buth's sharing of his experience
> in teaching NT Koine with a reconstructed pronunciation scheme that
> wasn't Erasmian and wasn't Modern, but a balanced compromise. If I
> can recall correctly, Randall basically started with Modern Greek
> but reintroduced the vowel distinctions that were maintained in the
> papyri. He did not, however, propose distinctions that were commonly
> confused in the papyri.
> Thus, his vowels were: A, E=AI, H, I=EI, O=W, OU, and U=OI.

Is that E=AI as in fair or laid? (or have I missed the point)

Can you give similar english word examples for EI, OI etc.?

Could anyone summarise different pronunciations (erasmus, modern etc) with English
examples (if you're conscious of vowel differences between UK and US English then
please make a note)

Jonathan Ryder

Cambridge, UK

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