Did Paul Speak Greek with a Turkish Accent?

From: Dean Kyburz (DHKyburz@juno.com)
Date: Wed Mar 17 1999 - 21:13:19 EST

This is my first time on the line. I have seen the archives, but I am sure
not to be up to date on all the responses. Referrals to earlier discussions
will be appreciated. I hope to gather very obscure bits of not very
scholarly information. My interest is more in "how" and "why."

I have read previous discussions about "The Sound of Koine" and "Erasmian"
pronunciation of spoken B-Greek. My goal is to present some of the writings
of Paul -- and to do so in a way that some people will feel is authentic.

Are recordings available of the NT in Koine? Would Paul have also spoken
the native language of Tarsus? Would he therefore have spoken Greek with
that type of accent? Should his geographical native tongue be called

How would a native Greek & Turkish speaker sound speaking English? Any
ideas where a recording might be found that could give a reasonable idea of
that kind of accent?

My very sincere thanks.

Dean Kyburz

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