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From: Antonio Eduardo Costa Pereira (
Date: Sun Mar 21 1999 - 10:12:06 EST

Dear friends from B-Greek.
Months ago, I started teaching four children to read
and write. These children use (at home) an extremely
archaic brand of Greek (they keep the dative, infinitive,
dual for shoes and socks, etc. In pronuntiation, they
differentiate between eta and iota, and between omega
and omicron). I decided to use, as reading books,
Lucian's tales and the New Testment (two of the
children are orthodox Christians, another is budhist
from the Nitchiren sect; since the parents of the
budhist child don't accept the idea of God, I use
Lucian with him).

To my surprise, I couldn't find neither Lucian's books,
nor a Greek New Testment for free. It is true that you
can get the New Testment, if you can do without the accents
and spirits. The parents of the children, however, don't
accept even Katharevousa, let alone text without accents.
For that reason, I decided to prepare an electronic edition
of both Lucian's tales, the Socratic dialogs, the Odyssey,
Konstantinos' BOHQHTIKA BIBLIA, and the Greek New Testment.
Thanks to kind scholars who prepared and gave me computer
programs to read and typesetting the text, the work proved
to be quite easy. I already finished the four Gospels, two of
Lucian's tales, about one forth of Constantinos' grammar,
the whole Phaedon (with Constantinos' extensive scholia),
Aristophanes' Clouds, Apolodoros' Library, and nine chapters
of the Odyssey (with digamma and all). In two more weeks,
I will have the whole New Testment.

I would like to ask you to proofread my electronic edition
of the New Testment. It is in postscript format, but I can
send the original latex sources to any one of you would like
to make the corrections directly in the text. Please, pay
attention to the following items:

(1) Typing mistakes. The OCR program often mix lower case
with upper case letters. Many mistakes occur with proper
names, because it doesn't have the support of a spelling
and mophological program to discover the right spelling
of semitic names of places and persons.

(2) The text itself may be faulty. The OCR program compares
more than one printed text, in order to figure out the true
reading. This scheme generates coherent and grammatical
correct text. However, it may introduce false contents.
Please, if you find anything that you think that don't
belong to the text, let me know.

(3) I am using very large fonts, because the children have
difficulties with small fonts. The result is that the
New testment prints in more than five hundred pages.
Please, tell me whether large fonts could be useful
to anybody else. If not, I may generate a version for
distribution, and another version to my young students.

(4) I am using a typesettingpackage prepared to Dr Apostolos
Syropoulos. Please, tell me if you know a better package.

Of course, if you know about an electronic edition of the
New Testment that is free, andkeeps all accents and spirits,
let me know, so I can interrupt my work (which is far from
pleasant). Here the address where you will find the four
Ghospels and (in two weeks or so) the rest of the New Testment:

Antonio Costa.

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