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Date: Wed Mar 24 1999 - 06:21:25 EST

At 12:12 PM -0300 3/21/99, Antonio Eduardo Costa Pereira wrote:
>Dear friends from B-Greek.
>Months ago, I started teaching four children to read
>and write. These children use (at home) an extremely
>archaic brand of Greek (they keep the dative, infinitive,
>dual for shoes and socks, etc. In pronuntiation, they
>differentiate between eta and iota, and between omega
>and omicron). I decided to use, as reading books,
>Lucian's tales and the New Testment (two of the
>children are orthodox Christians, another is budhist
>from the Nitchiren sect; since the parents of the
>budhist child don't accept the idea of God, I use
>Lucian with him).
>To my surprise, I couldn't find neither Lucian's books,
>nor a Greek New Testment for free. It is true that you
>can get the New Testment, if you can do without the accents
>and spirits. The parents of the children, however, don't
>accept even Katharevousa, let alone text without accents.
>For that reason, I decided to prepare an electronic edition
>of both Lucian's tales, the Socratic dialogs, the Odyssey,
>Konstantinos' BOHQHTIKA BIBLIA, and the Greek New Testment.
>Thanks to kind scholars who prepared and gave me computer
>programs to read and typesetting the text, the work proved
>to be quite easy. I already finished the four Gospels, two of
>Lucian's tales, about one forth of Constantinos' grammar,
>the whole Phaedon (with Constantinos' extensive scholia),
>Aristophanes' Clouds, Apolodoros' Library, and nine chapters
>of the Odyssey (with digamma and all). In two more weeks,
>I will have the whole New Testment.

I won't cite more of the original post, as it's available in the archives
for those who haven't kept the original, but I want to commend Dr. Costa
Pereira for undertaking this project. Thus far I have only seen the
BOHQHTIKA BIBLIA and the text of Lucian's ONOS, but I think that they are
laid out beautifully and that the illustrations of the ONOS are VERY
amusing. I rather think this is the ONLY text from Lucian that is available
on the internet--and Lucian is really one of the most fascinating and
relatively easy of the later Atticists to read in the Greek. And I think
that the Greek grammar composed in Greek is itself a very nice thing to
have available on the net too. The kind of help with the whole very
ambitious project that is being sought in Dr. Costa Pereira's message seems
well within the competence of many b-greekers, if there are any with time
on their hands. I am just delighted to see the splendid site that is still,
apparently, getting off the ground.

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