From: Mahen (mahen74@hem1.passagen.se)
Date: Wed Mar 24 1999 - 11:37:06 EST

In John 7:8 (interesting text) there is a critical note to Porphyry. Porphyrys text is not known but he is quoted by one of the churchfathers (I don't have my GNT with me and I can't remember which churchfather)
Who was he? I heard he was a philosopher trying to discredit the Christian beliefs. Does anyone know the passage? Probably he would have attacked the way Jesus first said he wouldn't go and the went to the feast anyway.

Another question. The critical apparutus when referring to the Patristic texts has no references as to where you can find the text. How would you proceed if you wanted to study the passage in question?

Thankful for all help
Henrik "Littlest of Greeks"

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