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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Wed Mar 24 1999 - 11:54:19 EST

At 5:30 PM +0100 3/24/99, Mahen wrote:
>I was just wondering if any of you scholars has taken a look at the New
>World Translation of the New Testament. I saw an edition that put heavy
>emphasis on the translators efforts of being true to the original greek
>and the thorough textual criticism that they supposedly used.
>My opinion (and I have only read the swedish NW Translation) us that it
>differs somewhat from MY Bible...
>Just an interesting question. I have never heard of any well known
>biblical scholars from Jehovahs Witnesses.

You should be aware that we have several list-members of that persuasion
who are quite ready to defend (a) the NWT and (b) the proposition that
there are indeed Biblical scholars among the Jehovah's Witnesses. How
well-known they are is perhaps subject to question, but one of them, Rolf
Furuli, has just published a book on the subject of bias in translation
which addresses, in particular, questions regarding the NWT.

Nevertheless, this is NOT the proper forum for discussion of the NWT as
such. Let's steer clear of discussion altogether that is in any way
sectarian. Our focus is the Greek text and the Greek language of the Greek

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