Re: Overview of Greek Syntax on Perseus

From: Edgar Krentz (
Date: Fri Mar 26 1999 - 14:59:09 EST

>Yes, it is; it's actually been there for some time now (and I think someone
>called attention to it when it was first put up), and it should be noted
>that the Smyth's Greek Grammar on-line at the Perseus site is the OUP first
>edition, which could be used there because of the expired copyright. It is
>certainly nice to have available on-line, but readers should be aware that
>it is not the same thing as the heavy red volume--the thorougly revised
>edition of Smyth-- currently in print.

I don't very often disagree with Carl; but my copy of Symth's A GRAMMAR FOR
COLLEGES was not printed by OUP, but the the now defunct American Book
Company [aand also in maroon]--as was its smaller sister A GREEK GRAMMAR
FOR SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES [my first Greek grammar, used in HS!]. And I
don'te think that the revisions are all that extensive. I own both editions
and don't feel

But then, there may have been a British edition.

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