FW: Austin, can you help out with this?? FW: Heb.11:1

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I'll try. If you post this to the list, please include the credit.


Translated from Spanish to English by Austin Rogers (uncledelphi@softhome.net): Traducido de Espanol a Ingles por Augustine Rogelios (uncledelphi@softhome.net):

To the equal with Bill, I do not share the ideas that you have expressed about Heb. 11:1. Without a doubt I will say the same that already said Bill but of other way, that for sake of explanation.

As in the verse as in the context the Writer declares that the faith relates itself with two classes of things: the future and the invisible. The confidence pleases to God. To please the invisible God it makes itself necessary a testimony of faith, soon certainty, security, conviction in this testimony for with He that is invisible. (paraphrasing verse 1).

By to have made this manner or with this faith, some men were approved by God and their names are written in the AT. (paraphrasing the verse 2 and ss) PRAGMATWN, in the verse 1 [it] serves to give evidence that these things that don't see themselves are real and the fact to be indicated, clearly [it] leaves in the open its existence. Well, the future things are guaranteed things over there and are anticipated of the celestial reality. While that the invisibles will be the spiritual world.

The things we cannot see don't necessiarily have that to be future things or [placenteras?] things in those that we have put hope, are able to be the things of the spiritual world and invisible that some souls percieve more than others and I definitely want to add that is necessary to be cautious to look for definitions in a lexicon, well, words like PRAGMATWN, accept various definitions of agreement to its family: PRAGMA, but it is the context that illuminates the text.

Thank you George and Bill for your attention. Braulio Barillas parakal@quetzal.net

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