Re: Pronunciation, was Re: Did Paul Speak Greek with a Turkish Accent?

From: George Blaisdell (
Date: Mon Mar 29 1999 - 13:28:51 EST

Eduardo ~

Thank you for your kind response. And thanks as well for the
translation of your Greek message. [I have no literacy in MG.]

I am gratified to find out that the old classic [attic] Greek has
survived into the present, even if not, of course, totally unaltered,
and hope that it continues its usage. My Athenian classmates of so long
ago doubtless were not speakers of hAPLH KATHATEVOUSA.



>From: (Antonio Eduardo Costa Pereira)

>The hAPLH KATHAREVOUSA is definitely an endangered language.
>Its situation is even worse than other languages with a small
>number of speakers. People try to keep Provencal alive, or
>even Gaelic. hHAPLH KATHAREVOUSA doesn't appear in
>UNESCO's list of endangered languages, because linguists think
>that it is an artificial contrivance... My own opinion is that it
>is a bridge to a glorious past, that Greeks should keep with as much
>care as Israelis cultivate spoken Hebrew.
>I would like to suggest you and other people from B-Greek to teach
>speakers of hAPLH KATHAREVOUSA in your country to love and
>practice their language. If you speak Attic Greek, you won't have
>any difficulty in communicate with them. The pronuntiation is slightly
>different, but you will become used to it in a short time (it is true
>they speak as fast as a machine gun, but you will get used to it too)
>Offer these speakers to teach their children how to read and write.

George Blaisdell
Roslyn, WA

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