Re: Acts 20:28 Whose blood?

From: Jim Denley (
Date: Mon Mar 29 1999 - 20:50:09 EST

Carl brought up several points of discussion in his presentation.

One solution to the theological difficulty, though a textual one, would be
if the variant reading KURIOU was the original instead of QEOU as the
subject of PERIEPOIHSATO. USB 3rd edition lists QEOU as a {C} reading.
I'm not up on more recent textual criticism, and the topic was a
grammatical one. The {C} reading, if nothing else, shows that this was
also an issue a long time ago: p74, 7th century; A, C*, and D, 5th; etc.

I don't want to redirect the discussion. I'm interested in the grammatical
discussion more than the textual issues, but wanted to throw this out as

Jim Denley
Virginia Beach, VA

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