ALLON & hETERON Luke 7:19,20

From: clayton stirling bartholomew (
Date: Wed Mar 31 1999 - 14:25:17 EST

In Luke 7:19,20 the manuscript evidence can be used in the service of
NT lexical semantics. The distinction between ALLON (another of the same
kind) and hETERON (another of a different kind) seems to have faded by
the NT period.

One form of evidence that this distinction was weak or nonexistent in
the NT period is the way the manuscripts report John the Baptist's
question in Luke 7:19,20. The words ALLON and hETERON are exchanged
between Luke 7:19 and 7:20 in some important witnesses: B, D, f1
(perhaps others). Manuscripts B & D are mirror images of each other,
making the transition in opposite directions.

The readings of D (Codex Bezae) in Acts tend to clear up difficulties
and make the text easier to understand. This leads me to speculate that
the scribe of Bezae would have used the same word in Luke 7:19,20 if
there had been any significant difference in the sense.

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