position of adjectives in Col. 1:9, 2:3

From: Jonathan Brubaker (upoxarin@aol.com)
Date: Thu Apr 01 1999 - 13:14:09 EST

I have just finished reading through Colossians in Greek and I had a
few questions. I am putting them in seperate posts so that they will
be easier to archive and recall later. The first question is concerning
the position of the adjectives PNEUMATIKHi and APOKRUFOI in colossians
1:9 and 2:3. The adjective in Col. 1:9 comes after two nouns joined by
KAI. I have read this is an emphatic position. Is this true or is
this construction a common way of joining two adjectives to one noun?
Finally what is the significance (if any) of Paul putting APOKRUFOI
after the genitive phrase in Col. 2:3?

Jonathan Brubaker

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