RE: A question about tombs

From: Bill Ross (
Date: Thu Apr 01 1999 - 17:57:37 EST

>Both words are relating to the burial place, but the words have different
>nuances in their origins which makes them precious reminders of the victory
>of Christ in the resurrection in different ways.

>TAFOS resonates with the funeral rites
>MNEMEIOU has a sense of a memorial

Bill, what's your reasoning behind assigning these words different nuances/
theological implications?

The commonality of the words is easily proven from the overlapping usage.
As I mentioned, the different nuances relate to their *origins.*
TAFOS derives from QAPTW, "to bury."
MNEMEIOU is related to MNEIA, "remembrance."

We have similar words in English:

"Grave" and "Tomb."

I won't argue much theology on these subtle differences but find it
personally edifying. If you don't, I won't lose any sleep and suggest you do
not either. :-}

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