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Date: Fri Apr 02 1999 - 09:56:11 EST

From: Bill Ross <>

>>TAFOS resonates with the funeral rites
>>MNEMEIOU has a sense of a memorial

>Bill, what's your reasoning behind assigning these words different nuances/
>theological implications?

>The commonality of the words is easily proven from the overlapping usage.
>As I mentioned, the different nuances relate to their *origins.*

The only dependable way to find a word's meaning is to study its *usage*,
working in concentric circles from the writer in question to the writers in
his/her immediate milieu (in this case, the New Testament) to other
Christian and Jewish religious writers to the writers of Koine literature in
general. Etymology and word origins are secondary resources for finding a
word's meaning, and can often be misleading.



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