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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Fri Apr 02 1999 - 11:49:27 EST

At 9:56 AM -0500 4/2/99, Perry L. Stepp wrote:
>From: Bill Ross <>
>>>TAFOS resonates with the funeral rites
>>>MNEMEIOU has a sense of a memorial
>>Bill, what's your reasoning behind assigning these words different nuances/
>>theological implications?
>>The commonality of the words is easily proven from the overlapping usage.
>>As I mentioned, the different nuances relate to their *origins.*
>The only dependable way to find a word's meaning is to study its *usage*,
>working in concentric circles from the writer in question to the writers in
>his/her immediate milieu (in this case, the New Testament) to other
>Christian and Jewish religious writers to the writers of Koine literature in
>general. Etymology and word origins are secondary resources for finding a
>word's meaning, and can often be misleading.

At the risk of sounding terribly pedantic, I'd like to reiterate what I
said a couple days ago about the value of STUDYING LSJG and BAGD
definition-entries for words and grasping the full-range of overlap and
differentiation. Etymology can be very valuable for some words and very
misleading for others. It takes some will-power to overcome the urge to
look for the first applicable meaning of a Greek word in a lexicon and let
it go at that rather than taking the time to see how the meaning that fits
the instance in question relates to all the other meanings of a word.

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