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Date: Mon Apr 05 1999 - 07:59:09 EDT

Dear William Noel <>
 You asked.
<<Does anyone have experience with Essentials of NT Greek by Ray Summers?
The college I'll be attending (Tyndale, In Fort Worth, TX) uses it. Thanks
in advance>>

I used Essentials of NT Greek by Ray Summers in Seminary some twenty years
ago, it is a little dated in that it does not speak about verbal aspect and
relies mainly on Aktionsart. It has been revised since then though by
Thomas Sawyer in 1995 and now has a workbook to go along with it which may
be purchased separately. The workbook does have additional information not
in the text and is well laid out. I think the book itself was well laid
out to begin with though and the revised edition has a new chapter on
syntax which was totally missing from the first edition. Both include a
Greek Verb Chart that detaches from the back of the book, very useful.

Overall, I would see it as a fine first year grammar. Most of what you
want to accomplish in the first year of study is a good understanding of
accidence and the book does a good job of that. The revised edition even
helps give you a good head start on second year Greek with the added
chapter on syntax.

I like the way it follows A.T. Robertson's case scheme which is based on
function, with 8 cases instead of the normal 5 based on form. This helps
to get the first year student to look at context for the meaning and usage
of case instead of relying solely on form. There are those that disagree I

I am learning the real key to learning Greek in the first year is not the
text book you use, but the frequency you attempt to read the NT. Second
year grammars on the other hand can make a difference and I have several to
cross reference.

Jay Adkins

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