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Date: Tue Apr 06 1999 - 06:31:45 EDT

William Noell wrote;

>Does anyone have experience with Essentials of NT Greek by Ray Summers?
>The college I'll be attending (Tyndale, In Fort Worth, TX) uses it.
>Thanks in advance.
I went thru this book while grading for a prof. in seminary. Way back then
I was unsatisfied with the exercises in the book. They were not good Greek
but simple English sentences in "no-man's" Greek. I carefully reviewed the
revision and concluded that the revision of the exercises had not brought
them any closer to Koine Greek. e.g. "He went out of the temple and into
the church." Remember that the word EKKLESIA is nowhere in the NT used to
refer to a building. The other short coming is in the fold out page of
forms. Some of the forms never occur in Greek at all such as ELIPHN the aor
pass (sic). of LEIPW which is ELHMFQHN. A better eg. of the aor pass
without the theta is QAINW - EFANHN, subj. FANW=, fut. pass FANHSOMAI. The
liquid aor. of FAINW is not EFHNA, but EFANA in the NT and the subj. FA/NW.

The order of the lessons is good but some of the content of the lessons is
not well researched. A better beginner grammar would be van Ness Goetchius
with the workbook. A good beginner grammar recently produced with workbook
that is much improved in the revision is by Gerald Stevens from University
Press of America. He puts a bit too much in each lesson, but it is arranged
where you do not have to use it all to work thru it lesson by lesson.

Carlton L. Winbery
Fogleman Professor of Religion
Louisiana College
Pineville, LA 71359

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