Lexical help with KATAKLHRONOMEW

From: Al Lukaszewski (alski@fuller.edu)
Date: Tue Apr 06 1999 - 15:55:38 EDT

Dear Listmembers:

Does anyone know what version of Liddell-Scott is on-line at Perseus? I am
working on KATEKLHRONOMHSEN in 2Samuel 7.1 and can find the lexical form
KATAKLHRONOMEW on-line at Perseus and in Lust, Eynikel, and Hauspie's LXX
lexicon (Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft) but cannot find the same root in L-S
#9. Rather, I have to refer to KLHRONOMEW which, according to L-S #9, does
not hold the sense of "giving an inheritance" but simply receiving one.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Al Lukaszewski

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