WARNING RE: How to find the meaning of words

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Wed Apr 07 1999 - 13:56:18 EDT

<x-rich>While I had thought and hoped that something really good might come out
of this exchange on the relevance of etymological origins and
historical context to the lexicology of NT Greek, it has by this point
clearly devolved into something which, though not yet a flame war, is
certainly emitting more heat than light. If you want to keep at each
other, take it off the list into private correspondence. Just when it
seemed that we had gained a measure of security from the threat of
polemic attacks and counterattacks of orthodoxy and heretical faiths,
it looks like we are confronting a new sort of dogmatic insistence upon
one "right way of thinking" about word-meanings. But surely people can
have a reasonable degree of confidence in their own ways of thinking
without impugning the integrity of those who don't think the same way.

Here's what the FAQ says, under "D. Netiquette::

     1. Respectful discourse: Those who participate in the conference
represent a wide range of theological and denominational perspectives,
perhaps even including some whose interests are purely academic. Deep
religious convictions surely characterize many, perhaps most, of the
list-participants, and some of these convictions bear directly upon how
the Biblical text is to be understood. At the core of our discussion,
however, is not what our convictions are but what the Greek text may
legitimately be understood to mean. If discussion of this nature is to
succeed, proper respect and courtesy to other list members is
important. While scholarly debate, including disagreement, is
encouraged as a goal of this conference, attacks upon the character,
intelligence, or faith of those participating are not acceptable.
Criticism must focus upon the arguments of others; it may not be
directed to the individual. Those who violate this policy will be
contacted politely by the B-Greek staff and requested to conform to
these guidelines. Those who continue to violate the policy will no
longer be welcome in the conference.

If anyone has a mind to contribute something more to the thread on "How
to find the meaning of words," please take note that this present
message constitutes the "polite contact" refered to in the above

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