Date: Thu Apr 01 1999 - 21:56:49 EST

I joined this list a few weeks ago in an attempt to find information about learning Greek. I must say that I am encouraged that there are some others here who are self-taught. Mostly the discussions are far over my head.

I am trying to learn Greek because of my love for language and my love of the Bible. For years I have studied the Bible with the aid of my Strong's Concordance. One day I realised how silly it is to have been doing this for so many years and never bothering to learn the language.

My resources are very limited. I live in a very rural area. Our public library has one Greek/English dictionary and it leaves a lot to be desired. I checked out the only text book about learning Greek, and it is so simplified there is nothing there to grammar, no syntax, no vocabulary...but it did make one very valuable and obvious suggestion. Read something in Greek every day. This I have done, although I am not understanding much. Our library's dictionary also has no grammatical expanations. When I studied Spanish and German there was always a section in the dictionaries for grammar and idioms.

I am happy to have found this list and would like to ask my first question; Can anyone recommend a good text book that can be used for a beginner who intends to be self-taught?

Catharine Basson

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