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From: Mark D. Taylor (
Date: Wed Apr 07 1999 - 15:12:50 EDT

I have been very busy the past few days, but would like to reply to
Catherine's question about tools for learning New Testament Greek.

I am a self-taught Greek reader, but struggled for a while with how to get
off the ground. I tried some books, but just wasn't able to discipline
myself to work through them. Then, my wife bought me the Greek Tutor
software from Parsons, which was done by Dr. Ted Hildebrandt from Grace
Seminary in Indiana ($25 or $35 from CBD, etc).

Greek Tutor was exactly what I needed, I guess partly because I enjoy
working with computers anyway. For me, it was exactly at the right level -
not too superficial, and not too detailed. Each chapter will teach you a
new type of grammar, give you the paradigms to memorize, and then drill you
like crazy.

I think the drills in each chapter were actually what did the most for me.
Drills on the paradigms, drills on translating verses, drills on vocabulary
words. After each question it tells you if you were wrong and what the
right answer is, and after each drill it tells you how many you got right.
It also comes with flashcards you can carry around for memorization.

I went through all 28 chapters and feel like I received a very solid
understanding of basic grammar, and I know the various paradigms very well.
I still go back every couple of months and "review", to make sure I am not
losing anything, and try to read out of the Greek NT every day.

Randy, the Greek Tutor might be good for some of your students, as well.

Mark Taylor
St. Louis

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