Re: How do we get digests?

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Fri Apr 09 1999 - 14:39:44 EDT

At 9:31 AM -0400 4/8/99, McGovern, Jack wrote:
>I looked on the sites but did not see the correct designation to get the
>digests for both b-greek and b-hebrew. I tried the Virginia address, but to
>no avail. Can someone help? My b-greek folder is overflowing and I would
>love to pare it down. Thanks.
>Jack McGovern

You raise a couple issues of general information probably worth sharing:

1. You CAN make this change for b-greek at the web-site for the mailing list:

--NOT at the older archive site.

2. I have made the change for you to digest for b-greek, but I can't do it
for you for b-hebrew; go to the b-hebrew site and do
that for yourself or ask your list administrator to do that for you (I
don't recall offhand who that is, but you can find out at the metalabs
b-hebrew site and send him/her mail asking for it.

3. I would like to think that the recent downtime at the b-greek server is
related to solving the problems occasioning the sending of huge multiples
of digests to subscribers, but I don't know that for sure; you may find
that being a subscriber to the digest is a curse, not a blessing. However,
a good sign is that I myself just now received the April 7 digest (all
121K) and ONLY ONE COPY. Maybe they DID get it fixed.

4. There is absolutely nothing to be done at the old server at -- we vacated that site in June of 1998 and left a
forwarding address to the site for anything that might
still arrive there. I don't know whether that's still there or not, but we
emptied out the subscriber lists for b-greek and b-hebrew back then and
moved them, lock, stock, and barrel to the unc site.

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