Re: Gal 2:20

From: Carlton Winbery (
Date: Fri Apr 09 1999 - 08:28:26 EDT

I agree with Carl's parsing of the verb form that I carelessly parsed
without much thought.

Carl wrote;

>>>>>>I don't think there's any disagreement at all about how this phrase
>>>>>>holds together grammatically, but I have to add one "concluding
>>>>>>unscientific postscript" about subjective and objective genitive:
>>>>>>while context may help to determine whether hH TOU QEOU AGAPH means
>>>>>>"God's love (for us)" or "love of/for God" in some particular
>>>>>>instance, there is absolutely no morphological distinction between
>>>>>>this phrase when interpreted as a "subjective" and/or as an
>>>>>>"objective" genitive--and the syntactical distinction may very well
>>>>>>be "in the eye of the (particular) grammarian." And this is why,
>>>>>>although we may be confident that phrasing such as PISTEUW EIS TON
>>>>>>IHSOUN means that faith/confidence is directed toward Jesus as its
>>>>>>object, there is no way to determine, unless the context makes it
>>>>>>crystal-clear, whether hH TOU IHSOU CRISTOU PISTIS means "faith
>>>>>>directed to Jesus Christ" or "faithfulness of Jesus Christ." Often
>>>>>>enough the context makes clear how the phrase should be interpreted,
>>>>>>but there are instances in the GNT where the issue is NOT clear.
Which is exactly why I put the parenthesis (If indeed TOU hUIOU is
objective genitive!). There is no difference in grammatical construction,
but isn't that the case in making a lot of decisions about meaning in
Greek? Perhaps George is right that Paul was thinking ambiguously, but I
doubt it. I think if I were working on a translation for public
consumption, I would have a lot of marginal notes. I think that he was
thinking one or the other not both and I tentatively choose objective for
(Pauline) theological reasons which I will probably carry over to C-P list
when I return next week. This has been a good thread in which I learned
some modern Greek.

Carlton L. Winbery
Fogleman Professor of Religion
Louisiana College
Pineville, LA 71359

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