Re: Syntax of Mark 2:2

From: George Blaisdell (
Date: Tue Apr 13 1999 - 12:17:15 EDT

>From: "Jay Adkins"

><TA PROS THN QURAN= The places in front of the door= courtyard.
><The PROSDIORISMON (the qualifying expression) PROS THN QURAN is
><expressed, but the OUSIASTIKA "places" are not. OUSIASTIKA is
><what you English speakers call names, I think.

><C. Navarro
>Would the following translation then be too vague?
>2:2 Now there had gathered so many to such an
>extent there was no longer any room, not even
>in front of the door.

Jay ~

Your question would probably have to be addressed to a first century
Greek speaking person! If Navarro is right, then TA plus description
means precisely the area *outside* the door of the building, neatly
balancing the area *inside* the building in the same sentence.

That place was packed! Standing room only and flooded outside with
people wanting to hear too!

So to the writer, he probably did mean the patio or courtyard, or the
area leading up PROS THN QURAN from outside, whatever else it's
OUSIASTIKA may have been called.

I had to chuckle ~ That thought had never even occurred to me ~ Such
is my myopic vision. I console myself by not remembering it occurring
to anyone else either! :-)

We do have the same usage in English, I believe, when we say "The
great out-doors" yes?


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