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Date: Wed Apr 14 1999 - 00:11:21 EDT

> Dear members of the B-Greek language
> I am doing an informal research on the name of Jesus. I know that
> the oldest manuscripts of the Greek New Testament are from the third
> century. I also heard (from Dr. Costa) that with computers, Internet
> and things like that I can easily gain access to copies old manuscripts.
> Could Moon-Ryul Jung, who work with computer science, tell me how
> to get a copy of a third century manuscript?
> Thank you very much for helping
> C. Navarro

C. Navarro,

Laying hands on an etext of NT manuscripts may be a bit of a chore.
However, printed texts are available. For example:

The Complete Text of the Earliest New Testament Manuscripts
  Edited by Philip W. Comfort & David P. Barrett

  CBD Price: 24.95

I think this book only contains the papyri. So if you want to see the
Uncials you will have to go to other sources. There was a paper back
edition of Codex Bezae edited by Scrivener (sp?) running around a while
ago, may still be in print.

Also, you could always rely on the apparatus in NA27 which is what most
people do.

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